Friday, July 20, 2012

Thanks Dove for being there...

Almost every one has a hair problem these days. Be it a man or a woman. I have never really come across anyone who does not have a hair problem to rant about. Beautiful, luscious hair seems like a fantasy entirely. The only times I have heard or seen people with good hair is in the fairy tale of Rapunzel, or the once in a blue moon coverage of some women somewhere with long stresses that are so and so many meters long, and of course the models in shampoo advertisements or the Bollywood divas in their movies. 


Now coming to a thread-bare or a hair-bare analysis of all these depicts of strong, beautiful, long, shiny stresses, we all know in our guts are not true. Rapunzel is indeed a fairy tale, so not worth discussing at all; models and actresses in movies and the shampoo advertisements look very different onscreen and vis-à-vis their off-screen presence. The fact that wigs, hair extensions, bouffant and tons of other artificial products are used to give volume to their hair is a common knowledge now. So, to vie for people on-screen having beautiful hair is also pointless. Next coming to the common people with good hair; well I really appreciate women who have made it to the Guiness book of World records or registered in the Limca Book of World records for their long stresses, but they still do not become someone I stay in awe of cause I have never seen really beautiful long hair on them. I mean their stresses do qualify for lengths, but when it comes to beauty, they really lack luster. To prove my point I have added a picture of Xie Qiuping, the woman who holds a Guiness record for the longest hair. You need to see for yourself the point that I am trying to make. Length is fine, but the hair should actually be healthy. Health is evident when the hair is lustrous, does not fall and look pampered and bouncy.

Any way, why I spout so much about hair and the various problems attached to them is because I have really had a long hair tale to share. I have always had long hair that extends up to my hips. In addition to the good length, the low down is that their basic temperament is frizzy, limp and gradually thinning to a great extent. Luckily, I never got to worry much about their appearance because I happen to be a male, and that too a Jatt Sikh. I conceal them nicely under my over-sized turban. That does solve the problem of public display of my thinning and whining stresses, but there is nothing much I can do to improve their texture. I know chopping them off to some lengths does bring in vitality to them, but my religion forbids that. So, my only option remained oiling and shampooing them. But since I need to keep them covered most of the times, I could not really juggle up my regular busy schedules to include a regular and elaborate oiling and shampooing session. I recall many a times I have had kept my hair messy with oil and hidden them under my turban, or after weeks of non-oiling they have turned into a frizzy bunch of knots and then I have again hidden them under my turban. And continued moments of these hide-and-seeks have led to a never ending hair fall.

Because of my hair problems, I have avoided going out for vacations with friends. The mere thought of sharing the same room with friends gives me a bout of embarrassment. At times I felt if it was not for my turban, I would have been a laughing stock amongst all, thanks to my religion because of which I have saved a face. But whenever I used to think of future, I would get really paranoid wondering what will happen once I get married. I would wonder what my wife to be would think of me and my hair. And I used to think what would happen if she would not be the one from my community. These thoughts had become a part and parcel of my life. I would go into a remorse seeing my hair turban-less on Sundays, at times out of frustration I even thought of chopping them all off, but every time my religious staunch held me back.

I am thankful that it did hold me back. It is because about 6 months back, a chanced moment I got lucky. I happened to see just another advertisement of a shampoo on the first few pages of one of the issues of Reader's Digest. I sneered at it as just another made up model posing for just another hair product. But somehow I ended up reading the entire content of the 2 page advertisement. It talked about Dove advertisements featuring real women as celebrities and not the regular paid and made up models. After reading that advert I thought of giving the product a try. As it is I had been a guinea pig to so many brands and their products in past, I thought of budging in again. And I am glad I did. I used the Dove Nourishing Oil care range, and it suited me the best since I have had the historical habit of being irregular about oiling. Once my scalp got better with the regular usage of Oil care range, I moved on to the Intense Damage repair range of Dove. And voila, my perdurable damaged stresses got revived. I was simply amazed. I mean my hair have been to daily tight twisting and coiling under my turban for almost as old as I am; and still all that stress that they have undergone was taken care of in a few week's time!! Gradually my hair fall also started to reduce, since most of it was induced due to the physical damage that my stresses were going through. But God forbid if I ever happen to experience a hair fall, I shall definitely try the Hair Fall rescue range. Since that day I thank Dove for being there.

 ‘…and that was the end of my hair problems!’ The very fact that I know that Dove Hair care range is by my side, gives me a lot of comfort. Now I am no longer shy of people discovering my knotty and messy hair, and have found a new confidence in me. Aha though there still remains one hair problem.

Due to my religious vows, I am unable to flaunt my stresses, as I am forbidden to keep my hair loose and open. I am sure my would-be wife would definitely be either proud or envy of my stresses.

P.S: This is my semi-fictional entry post for the Dove Contest on Indiblogger. I dedicate this post to my dear husband.


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